Eruvin 5 – עירובין ה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

We learn from a Kal Vachomer to allow ‘Omed merubah’ (a mostly built wall) by a Mavoi.  Why do we need a Kal Vachomer to apply the universal mechitza-concept of ‘Omed merubah’ to Mavoi as well?


3 thoughts on “Eruvin 5 – עירובין ה

  1. We are trying to apply it against a Pirtza. We know that Omed Meruba is a Mechitza but we also know that it wouldn’t help for an opening wider than ten Amos.

    • Mide’oraysa we don’t need anything, since three walls are enough. Even if we would need four walls, we have that, too. The Gezeira was that a Mavui needs a Tikkun on its gateway. We are freshly introducing the idea that Omed Meruba eliminates the need for that Tikkun. We learn this from the Chatzer where this works in place of a board.

      We learned a Kal Vachomer from the Chatzer, while ignoring the big Kula of a Chatzer, that it doesn’t need any Tikkun at all when its openings are within ten Amos and aren’t from wall to wall. Now that we understand that this is a conversation about how to satisfy the Takkana we aren’t bringing proof from that which is outside of the Takkana.

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