‏LiveDaf, a worldwide project of Kollel Daf Yomi Institute of Toronto, is a non-profit Daf Yomi Shiur dedicated to providing a meaningful learning experience to all participants. Designed as a personal shiur, LiveDaf endeavors to enable individuals from anywhere to join and learn in a single venue, transcending time and space. Audience participation is encouraged, and all questions submitted are kept anonymous and addressed in a timely manner.

‏LiveDaf shiurim are currently being hosted by Rabbi Yehuda Kessler; senior member of The Toronto Kollel Daf Yomi Institute. Rabbi Kessler, who has been delivering community shiurim in the Greater Toronto Area for many years, received his Rabbinic Ordination from Beth Medrash Govoha Talmudic Academy in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1997, and has previously studied in the Yeshiva of Staten Island, established by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt”l. Rabbi Kessler also spent several years attending yeshiva in Israel before returning to Toronto, where he now resides with his family, and delivers the well attended Daf Yomi Shiur at the Kollel Daf Yomi Institute.

‏Based in Toronto, Canada, LiveDaf is also affiliated with Agudath Israel of Toronto South and Kollel Toronto Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies. The Kollel has been disseminating Torah in Toronto for over four decades, through its various learning programs that cater to all members of Toronto’s diverse Jewish community.


‏The Daf Yomi learning program established in 1923 by Rabbi Meir Shapiro zt”l has been considered one of the most preeminent and successful Torah study programs in modern Jewish history. As well, the excitement associated with the recent Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi has generated a lot of renewed interest amongst the masses for further Torah study in general and the Daf Yomi program in particular, which has attracted a whole new cadre of participants. This phenomenon bears witness to Rabbi Shapiro’s dream of “bringing Jewish hearts into one great harmonious union” through Torah study.

‏The significant strides in modern technology we are currently witnessing have affected every aspect of our lives. Our sages have taught us that “Torah is the blueprint of the world” and certainly technology as well should be harnessed for Torah study. In our era of The Global Village, the internet has enabled individuals from anywhere to join together and learn in a single venue, transcending time and continents.

‏LiveDaf was launched to capitalize on this wave of opportunity to reach out and spread Torah in a unique and significant way. Inasmuch as we are blessed with an abundance of Daf Yomi shiurim, there are still many Jews who would love to join a shiur but may not have the opportunity to do so. Many rural Jewish communities do not have access to an organized shiur, and for others scheduling conflicts have prevented them from attending the typical morning or evening shiurim.

‏LiveDaf is Be”H seeking to address this need. By taking advantage of technological advances, Livedaf is offering an innovative video Daf Yomi Shiur which incorporates visual learning aids on the material being learned (e.g. charts and diagrams); a feature which is unique to a video shiur. These are displayed at the end of every section of the Gemara. In addition, every Shiur concludes with a brief review of the entire Daf, when the slides are displayed once again for added clarity.

Participants world-over are able to view the shiur on any PC or mobile device and then post any questions or comments, which are responded to by our Maggid Shiur. This feature provides the viewer the ability to clarify any difficulties he may have, as well as feel a sense of personal involvement with the shiur and its participants.

‏All LiveDaf shiurim are available for viewing anytime. An archive system was developed to enable easy access to past shiurim as well.

Additionally, questions on Daf Yomi can be submitted at any time via our e-Line which we will seek to answer in a timely manner. This component functions like a full time Rebbi, and is an important feature of the LiveDaf program. A comments area is available for every Shiur to solicit input from our participants.

‏Any additional suggestions and input from our members are welcome and can be submitted via the Contact tab.