I would like to partake in spreading Daf Yomi worldwide (any amount welcome).

    I would like to dedicate a Shiur (on occasion of a Yahrtzeit, Simcha, Refuah Shelaima etc.).
    Please specify dedication date and text to appear on our homepage dedication scroll (in Hebrew or English).
    (Shiur dedications apply to donations of $180 and higher).


    May the zechus of supporting Torah learning bring you much Bracha and Hatzlacha!


    For U.S. tax deductions please send cheque to:

    LiveDaf c/o Mikva Toba of Lakewood
    50 Lapsley Lane
    Lakewood, N.J. 08701


    For Canadian donations:

    Kollel Daf Yomi Institute
    75 Baycrest Ave
    Toronto, ON M6A 1W2