Brachos 36 – ברכות לו

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 Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

We learn that one is required to makes a bracha on barley flour – although it can be harmful – since he derives pleasure from it.  How does this concur with the earlier Gemara that we do not make a bracha on olive oil since it is harmful?

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Brachos 43- ברכות מג

The Gemara concludes that we recite the bracha of ‘borei shemen areiv’ on the fragrant balsam oil.  How can we use the term ‘borei’ on an item that was produced by man (through extraction), just as we cannot apply the term ‘borei’ (borei pri hazayis)with reference to olive-oil since it is man-made (see Rashi 35b D”H zayis ikri)?