Shabbos 145 – שבת קמה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara says that separating brine from a fish considered ‘separating food from food’; since the liquid is foreign matter that entered the fish from the outside, why isn’t it equated to the pickled vegetable juice which is considered separating liquid from food?


5 thoughts on “Shabbos 145 – שבת קמה

  1. I don’t think that is the reason for being allowed to squeeze the fish. The Gemara equates the fish to the cooked vegetables where, as Rashi said, you are clearly squeezing out its own juice.

    The reason seems to be that you are getting a thick sauce that is not meant for drinking.

    • MB says the brine we’re discussing is liquid from the outside. would it be from within it would be permitted like liquids of all fruit other than grape and olives and those which are made for their juice

      • Pickle juice is a liquid and fish sauce is not viewed as a liquid. Tzir Dagim is not brine. Brine is salt-water. Tzir is the thick fish sauce. This is why it is equated to squeezing cooked vegetables, which won’t either give a liquid. In the case of cooked vegetables, it is clear that the Heter is not for it being from the outside. That was the Heter for pickles. Tzir is Mutar even if you Assur pickles.

  2. The gemora dosent say that its food since its from the outside. Rather its not mefarek since its from the outside the fish brine is also from the outside the brine is considerd food from food and so is the cooked vegetables but not the pickled raw vegetables

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