Eruvin 48 – עירובין מח

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Mishna (in Keilim which discusses shiurim based on personal size) does not list the din of four ammos, since it doesn’t apply universally.  Why does it list the din of two se’udos (for Eruv) which is also not absolute (see 30b)?

3 thoughts on “Eruvin 48 – עירובין מח

  1. The reason Rebbe Shimon Ben Elazar holds that an over-eater uses the same Shiur as everyone else is because of Batla Daato Lechal Adam. This means that in essence the Shiur is based on the individual’s Shiur. In the case of four Ammos, we have a scenario where the Shiur is based on a universal measurement and not about the individual at all.

  2. The Kasha on of Rav Acha on both Rav Ashi and Rabbi Yehudah seem to be opposite reasonings. First Rav Acha wanted to join both people who made separate Eiruvin, saying once two people made their Eiruv, then they are connceted and then when making the other Eiruv, it’s like both parties are connceted with the second person, and now all are connceted.
    The other Kasha seems to be saying the opposite “sevara”. Once 2 people make an eiruv, then they passul everybody else who makes an eiruv.
    I tried listening twice, maybe I missed something.
    Have a G’mar Chasima Tova!

    • The first kasha is that since they are connected to each other, they now represent each other regarding the next eruv.

      The second point is that since two unconnected parties have occupied the same chatzer, that chatzer becomes forbidden territory for all who reside there.

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