Brachos 31 – ברכות לא

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Diagram 1

Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Chana declared ‘I will seclude myself with a stranger in front of my husband’ which will result in my drinking the Sotah water.  How can she allow herself to transgress the prohibition of Yichud?

The Gemara says if one needs to fast on a Shabbos, he should nevertheless atone (for his neglecting Oneg Shabbos) by fasting again… If fasting on Shabbos requires atonement, how can one transgress a prohibition with the intention to atone for it later?

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Shabbos 55 – שבת נה

Hashem said the tzaddikim of Yerushalayim are not to be held accountable since their reproof would not have been heeded to.  Why is this different than the typical case of reproof, where one who refrains from doing so is held accountable for the sins committed, although (from Hashem’s perspective) obviously the sin was going to happen in any case?