Shabbos 89 – שבת פט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Yitzchak Avinu deducted night-time from the sum total.  Why does the entire night qualify for exemption?

The Mishna determines the Shiur of spices, according to the amount required to spice a chicken’s egg and refers to it as a ‘Beitza Kalla’ (easiest to cook).  How does the term Beitza Kalla fit into this context?


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  1. To Whom it May concern,

    I am trying to view text of Daf (b) and I am unable. I can only view text of the Daf (a) side.
    I think that I tried everything. Would someone please tell me how to view Daf (b) sides.

    Thank You In Advance

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