Shabbos 89 – שבת פט

Yitzchak Avinu deducted night-time from the sum total.  Why does the entire night qualify for exemption?

The Mishna determines the Shiur of spices, according to the amount required to spice a chicken’s egg and refers to it as a ‘Beitza Kalla’ (easiest to cook).  How does the term Beitza Kalla fit into this context?


2 thoughts on “Shabbos 89 – שבת פט

  1. We find that Hashem is only Meyached His name on those who already departed this world. However, a blind person is an exception, since his ability to sin his hindered by his handicap. The same can be said about the night time. Most people are at home and away from trouble. We probably are not referring here to the trouble makers, of which it says,  בו רומשו כל חייתי יער.

  2. Perhaps the reason for measuring spices based on how long it takes to cook is that you want to still have the taste of the spice when the food is done.

    Or, the longer it cooks, the more it will absorb. Once it is done cooking, it basically stops absorbing. Therefore, you would put less on something that cooks less.

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