Shabbos 32 – שבת לב

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Mishna lists the neglect of Niddah, Challah and Ner Shabbos which can be seriously consequential during childbirth.  How is it that Ner Shabbos which is only a Mitzvah derabanan, is equated in severity with Niddah and Challah which are issurim min hatorah?

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6 thoughts on “Shabbos 32 – שבת לב

  1. By Lighting shabbos candles on time you are keeping shabbos which is a dorayasa

    CHavah extinguished the light of the world (caused death) by eating from the ezt hadas, now by lighting shabbos candles the woman is rectifying her sin

    • Pilpalta bechachma: Have you delved into, studied deeply and analyzed the wisdom of Hashem?

      Hevanta davar mitoch davar: Have you to derived one lesson from another? For example, by taking a principle or idea found in one concept of Torah and applying that elsewhere. This is indicative of an even more advanced involvement in learning than the one mentioned above.

  2. Transgressing a Dirabanan is also enough to deserve death. These three mitzvos are chosen becaue they are Mitzvos that were given specificaly for her.

  3. Rav would not take a ferry with a gentile lest he get caught in the judgement of the gentile and be harmed at sea.
    Doesn’t this present a problem in terms of hashagcha pratis? Hashem would allow something bad to happen to a person even though not deserved?

  4. Good point. We see from our Gemara that one is never meant to place himself in a ‘makom sakanah’ lest tragedy befall him or conversely, he merits a miracle which will deduct from his merits. The Chovos Halevavos explains that we are obligated by the Torah to guard our safety, and this is an obligation like any other. He further says that if one neglects to protect himself and incurs a detrimental result (ch”v) it may very well be that the tragedy in itself was a punishment for his sin of neglecting his safety. So it is really a simple cause and effect. Apparently Rav viewed the company of the Gentile as a makom sakanah, hence his hesitation to join him.

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