Shabbos 30 – שבת ל

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara relates that the Malach Hamaves couldn’t approach Dovid Hamelech who was learning Torah continuously.  Why couldn’t he approach while he would tend to personal needs?

Dovid Hamelech was told by Hashem that he was destined to die on Shabbos.  If so what was the purpose of learning uninterrupted; since it was already pre-determined?

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6 thoughts on “Shabbos 30 – שבת ל

  1. To the first question: Perhaps he actually avoided that, being that it was for only one day a week. Also, it is possible that Betula Zu He Keyuma, a necessary break when he would not be allowed to learn would be considered a part of learning. Or, perhaps it was as the Gemara said in Daf 10, that by judging truly it is as if he learned a whole day. Therefore, only an unnecessary break, starting with curiosity and ending with shock, would be considered stopping to learn.

    To the second question: Hashem wasn’t telling him information as what the outcome would be. Hashem was telling him the Gezeira, and he was trying to avoid that.

    • Another point for the second question is that Dovid Hamelech was trying to have the same outcome as that of Moshe Rabbeinu, where the Malach Hamovess ended up not getting his way and Hashem Himself took Moshe Rabbeinu’s Neshama.

  2. Good morning
    I hope all are well during this crisis. I was not able to download daf 30 although I had no problem up to 35. Thanks
    Kol Tuv

    • Hi Reb Avraham,

      Glad to hear from you, I hope all is well on your end, same here BH!

      The link was fixed. Thank you for the alert.

      אין לנו שיור רק התורה הזאת, זיי געזונט, יהודה

  3. Good Morning
    Question: on diagram 1 you have Rav Shimon says Chayev by a choleh sheyesh bo sakono. Is that correct ?
    Kol Tuv

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