Shabbos 3 – שבת ג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara concludes that the definition of ‘patur’ mentioned in the first part of the Mishna, actually means patur and also mutar.  Why does the Mishna choose to use the word ‘patur’ instead of simply saying that it is mutar?

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One thought on “Shabbos 3 – שבת ג

  1. Perhaps the gemara is implying that when something is mutar there is no tzad of issur in the performance, as the deed is done by a single individual. In these cases 2 people are contibuting to the action and one of those is culpable at least on a miderabanan level,ie. to prevent the perpetrator from performing the hanacha once he has performed the akirah

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