Shabbos 14 – שבת יד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rava asked, since they are all immersing in a Mikva (in addition to taking the shower) than there is no damage being done.  But why is there no concern that perhaps occasionally they will neglect the Mikva altogether, since they have the erroneous perception that the shower is the primary purifier?

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2 thoughts on “Shabbos 14 – שבת יד

  1. Isn’r Rava saying that in the “elah amar Rava”? Are you interpreting this to say that he’s concerned with their impression (she’hayu OMRIM) rather than their practice? So the gezeirah is to prevent a wrong impression, and the question is, why not be concerned that they will actually drop the mikva practice altogether? Maybe Rava thinks would be a gezeirah al gezeirah –one gezeirah lest they think it’s the shower water that is metaheir and the second gezeirah lest they drop the mikva altogether.

    • Indeed the Sfas Emes prposes that there was no concern they would neglect the first tevilah (in the Mikva) since they figured it was something necessary – perhaps to remove chatzitza…

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