Shabbos 135 – שבת קלה

We are not mechalel Shabbos to preserve the life of the eight-month infant; why is this different than ‘Chaye Sha’ah’ (temporary life) for we do Melacha even on Shabbos?

How can we do millah on the newborn who is safek 7/8 months; perhaps he is muktzah?

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  1. A Ben Shmona is worse than a Treifa, as we see in the coming Daf. A Treifa itself is worse than Chayei Shaa, as we see in Chulin where a Mesukenes is Muttar Ba’achila if you hurry up and Shecht it. A Ben Shmona never entered the class of living human being.

    There can’t be such a thing as Muktza Mesafek. If he might be a Ben Kayama then you aren’t Maktze Midaas. The same is for any other object. If you might have a use for it, by definition it is not Muktza.

    This is besides the obvious answer, that the prospect of him being a Ben Kayama, in which his Mila is Doche De’oraysa, will overweigh the Derabanan of Muktza. But this doesn’t even come into play, as mentioned.

    • I think the correct answer is what you wrote at the end because the mitzva is doche the drbanan. over here its not a safek if your maktze ut the other option is not that you have use for it for thats not the reason a person is not muktza, rather because the person himself is not maktze himself, therefor he’s not muktza for anyone. so therefor over here there’s a chance that he’s a rock a rock is muktza even if your maktze it unless you make an action to take it out of that status, its very possible that here too even as a safek it would be muktza misafek. [to answer that its a safek drabanan wouldn’t be simple since it becomes mutar after shabbos it may be asssur nevertheless since it’s yesh lo matirin]

    • Muktza is a status that means something is Meruchak from any usage. Fruits on a tree won’t be Muktza if you are Metzape for it to fall on Shabbos. If someone is not established as a Nefel nothing brought him into the status of Muktza. This is why the Braysa, after mentioning the Halacha of a Safek Ben Shmone whose Mila is not Doche Shabbos, goes on to discuss a Vadai Ben Shmona which is Muktza.

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