3 thoughts on “Shabbos 104 – שבת קד

  1. It won’t stay forever, but it does last. We had this by coloring the eyes as well, where the Gemara considered calling it Kesiva and settled on Tzvia. It might not last forever as in Kesher Shell Kayama but it is not insignificant like writing in the sand.

    In fact, even by Keshira, it is possible to say that Eino Shel Kayama is when you have in mind to open it, whereas over here you are merely aware that it can’t last forever.

  2. I cant believe no one asked about the strange words? What is nevuv and boven and those other words? Why are they used as examples if they arent real examples?
    I heard that Vilna Gaon might have the answer but i couldn’t find it.

  3. The Mitzpe Eisan brings an answer to your question – these words are a hint to that which the Yerushalmi says that the letters of the Luchos departed (by the Eigel?) thus the words ‘Nevuv’ (the engraved letters) ‘Behar’ (at the mountain) ‘Saru’ (departed)

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