Eruvin 66 – עירובין סו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rebbi Yochanan teaches us that just as the Eruv doesn’t require a Perutah, likewise Sechirus has this leniency and can be done with less than a Perutah.  How does this fit with Rebbi Yochanan’s earlier statement (62a) that less than a Perutah has legitimate value by a Goy for all halachos as well?

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One thought on “Eruvin 66 – עירובין סו

  1. Since this is not the only similarity to Eiruv mentioned here, it may very well be that Rebbe Yochanan’s statement was not ton announce this as a Chiddush.

    There is also something of a Chiddush in this case. When you rent with less than a Peruta it definitely doesn’t sound and feel like a real rental. It is sort of a ritual rental and it surely is seen that way. This is what many are worried about when we sell Chametz, to make sure that we all realize that there is a real Kinyan going on.

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