Eruvin 49 – עירובין מט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Tosfos explains that even according to Shmuel who holds ‘Eruv mishum kinyan’ if they opt to use food for the Eruv which isn’t ‘derech kinyan’ , they will need the significant amount of two se’udos.  Since this is not by method of Kinyan, why does the Gemara say that according to Shmuel food used for the Eruv needs to be worth a Perutah?

One thought on “Eruvin 49 – עירובין מט

  1. Tosfos doesn’t meant to say that it is not by means of Kinyan. Two Tosafos earlier he states clearly that the bread is a Kinyan. Tosafos is saying that when it is clearly stated that they are going to be Makneh then we don’t need all the formalities of the Eiruv. It is only when nothing is said and they are following the prescribed format of Eiruvei Chatzeiros that it has to be enough for two meals.

    Probably the idea is that although usually a Kinyan has to be a conscious decision, and can’t be done as a ritual without understanding what you are doing, once we give for two Seudos to be together there is a natural understanding of a joining of properties.

    In the normal scenario, Rav and Shmuel are not any different. The neighbors are aware that they are joining. Shmuel calls this selling to each other and Rav calls this moving in. It is almost two sides of the same coin. But they disagree as to the main element, and the difference shows out in situations that aren’t typical.

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