Eruvin 46 – עירובין מו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara says halacha can conclude like the yachid even in face of an opposing majority.  Why don’t we apply the din of ‘Acharei rabim lehatos’ (we are meant to follow the majority)?

According to the opinion of ‘Matin’ (we advise an individual to follow that shita, but don’t publicly advocate it) how can we support one halacha for the yachid, and another for the rabim?

3 thoughts on “Eruvin 46 – עירובין מו

  1. The Pasuk is referring to a Beis Din. We saw in Shabbos that in the town of a Yachid they still followed his ruling. When they sit together to put out a Psak, then the word of the Rabbim prevails. But when each one learns on his own there is no Psak.

    The way Rashi describes Matin, seems to be that although we wouldn’t announce it we keep it in mind and use that Svara to sway particular Psakim.

    • Following the Rabim in a Psak din is similar to the ten butchers. In both instances we have one output made of multiple parts and the majority prevails. The meat has Nine Tzedadim of Hetter and one of Issur.

      The meat is a product of this group and the status of the group is said to be that which is dominant. In a Beis Din, as well, the Beis Din issues one Psak. This Psak is the product of this Beis Din. Therefore, the voice of the Rabim prevails.

      On the other hand, the fact that there are other Talmidei Chachamim who happen to outnumber a smaller group doesn’t disqualify the smaller group from following their own understanding, and their Talmidim from following them.

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