Eruvin 43 – עירובין מג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara relates how Yosef Shidah dictated the seven halachos of Treifa.  How can one accept Torah from a Shed?

We learn that Eliyahu cannot arrive on Erev Shabbos and thus Moshiach cannot arrive on Shabbos.  How is this compatible with our belief that Moshiach can come any day?


4 thoughts on “Eruvin 43 – עירובין מג

  1. I think it says about this Yosef Shida that he is a Jewish Shed. The Zohar Hakadosh famously describes Jewish and non-Jewish Sheidim. Also, the Gemara says in Gittin that a Sheid doesn’t swear, or mention Hashem’s name, in vain. Perhaps Yosef Shida swore about this Din.

    We see that the Gemara didn’t simply say that perhaps a Shed told it to Rava. The fact that we chose Yosef Shida shows that he is a proper candidate for bringing Torah.

    The Maharal explains in some places, and the Zohar Hakadosh is quoted as saying this as well, that sometimes Gilui Eliyahu takes the form of enlightening a person from within, without showing up in a body. The Chachamim were able to discern when a thought came from themselves from when it originated from Eliyahu Hanavi. Assuming the Gemara’s Shayla is even about this activity from afar, without physical appearance, a Gilui from Yosef Shida might be a lower level but it is still a form of heavenly enlightenment. We find that a Sheid was sent to Rebbi Shimon and to Rebbi and it was considered a lower level than a Malach, but a messenger nonetheless.

  2. When we say, אחכה לו בכל יום שיבא, it means that every day I hope for Moshiach, but not that I hope, and think, that he will come that day. Likewise, we say that Moshiach won’t come at night, and yet that doesn’t stop us from being Metzappe Leyeshua at night.

    The Yismach Moshe used to say that Moshiach can even come on Shabbos. He said although the Gemara says that he won’t, Eliyahu will answer that as well.

    The truth is that while the Gemara here says that Elitahu Hanavi will come one day before Moshiach, we have a Mesora (mentioned in different Medrashim) that Eliyahu Hanavi will come three days before Moshiach. This does not contradict our Gemara, though. Our Gemara is saying that Eliyahu Hanavi has to come at least one day before, and the Mesora is that he will come three days earlier. Still, on Shabbos the Nezirus doesn’t start since Eliyahu Hanavi couldn’t come (to the Beis Din Hagadol) on Friday, and had he come earlier we would know about it already. But in general, it is still possible for Moshiach to come on Shabbos, if Eliyahu Hanavi came on Thursday or Wednesday.

  3. The Maskana of the Gemarrah is when someone makes a Neder to be a Nazir on a Shaboos or Yom Tov, he is only Mutar that Shabbos or Yom Tov but is Assur for the next 30 days (or however long his Neder is).
    The Lashon of the Braisa is extremely Dochaik with this P’shat . First of all the Braisa says Mutar to drink “B’shabbasos” plural meaning other Shabbasos. The Braisa should have said it’s Mutar to drink on this Shabbos. Secondly it says it’s Assur to drink during the week, Mahshma the next Shabbos it would be Mutar! Otherwise the Braisa should have said it’s Asur to dring after Shabbos (thereby including the next Shabbos. The Lashon of the Braisa does not seem to support this Maskana!

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