Eruvin 40 – עירובין מ

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

How can we prove from the bracha at the sighting of a new pumpkin – which evokes delight, to Rosh Hashanah and Y”K which are not meant as days of joy and happiness?


3 thoughts on “Eruvin 40 – עירובין מ

  1. Reb Yehuda is saying that this Bracha can be said when you feel up to saying it. This is different than any other Bracha where we say Safek Brachos Lehakel.

  2. Just because Rav Chisda made a Shehechiyanu, why does that prove that there’s a Chiyuv, maybe he made the Bracha becasue he wanted to (reshus) not as a Chiyuv?
    Ksiva Vachsima Tova!!!

    • The Ran asks your question. He answers that Rav Chisda had taken noticed that Rav Yeimar had come to observe and learn from his practices, and thus would only make the beracha if it was a chiyuv.

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