Eruvin 39 – עירובין לט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara says the halacha of ‘Beitza’ is considered a greater chiddush since it can lead to a Melacha.  But isn’t likewise the issur of separating Teruma also based on a concern that it may lead to fixing a keli – which is a Melacha?

In the case of Terumah, why does he need to add ‘Ein bidevorai kelum’?

2 thoughts on “Eruvin 39 – עירובין לט

  1. We aren’t differentiating here between something that is based on a De’oraysa or not. The point here is that the Gezeira of eating fruits that fell, or juice that was extracted, on Shabbos or Yom Tov is to keep the person from going the next step and help himself to some more. Whereas, the Gezeira of not taking Maaser, however important is not because doing so will lead one to go on to other Melachos.

    It is a necessary Takkana to refrain from doing things that are in the nature of Tikkun, since this will keep the proper atmosphere on Shabbos, and will help retain the correct attitude that we keep away from Melacha.

    Not all Gezeiros are of the same type. Some are to keep away from a situation that is conducive to doing an Aveira. Some Gezeiros are to protect in the long term. This is when we say that something looks wrong and people might draw wrong conclusions of what is permitted. Sometimes we are Gozer so as to smoothen out guidelines that would otherwise be somewhat complicated.

  2. As to saying, ‘Ein bidevorai kelum’, probably you aren’t Mechuyav to make this Tenai Kaful. It is the Braysa’s way of showing the mechanism of this Tenai.

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