Eruvin 24 – עירובין כד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara discusses a case where one formed and rebuilt a Pirtza in small increments of one Ama each.  Rashi explains that he didn’t breach nor rebuild (more than) ten Amos at once.  It would seem that all he would ever be required is simply to bring the Pirtza down to ten (which turns it into a valid Pesach); why does Rashi mention rebuilding the entire Pirtza?

3 thoughts on “Eruvin 24 – עירובין כד

  1. The Gemara is talking about someone who built the whole section piece by piece. This is what Rashi is referring to when he says that this section was not done in one shot.

    • The Gemara’s question is about doing the ten Amos piece by piece. There is no question when you only broke and repaired one Tefach. Rashi is simply saying that these ten Amos where not all done at once, only piece by piece. The fact that opening more than ten and closing until ten would work, is irrelevant.

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