Eruvin 21 – עירובין כא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rebbi Akiva insisted to use the water for Netilas Yadayim rather than for drinking.  How is one allowed to endanger his life for a Mitzva Derabanan?

The Gemara tells us elsewhere that Dovid Hamelech was punished for referring to the Torah as ‘Zemiros’; whereas in our Gemara we find Torah referred to as ‘Shira’ (Vayehi shiro)–  what is the difference between these two terms?

5 thoughts on “Eruvin 21 – עירובין כא

  1. I mentioned on Shabbos 49 that a person may take on a Mitzva Bimesiras Nefesh. This is not direct killing of oneself; it is going the extra mile. We won’t Pasken that anyone should act this way, but if someone is that connected that he can’t fathom being Over a Kalla Kachamura then he is a Tzaddik Vekadosh.

    • The Rambam however states (Yesodei Hatorah 5) that a person has no allowance to place himself in danger for anything other than the three stringent aveiros.

    • The Rambam speaks of getting killed for a Mitzva that is not Yeharog V’al Yaavor. Going the extra mile, pushing yourself and sacrificing more of yourself is not mentioned. Even doing dangerous things, like Mordechai Hatzadik openly not bowing to Haman, is not Assur, although it is not recommended. A Tzaddik, who knows his position can decide to go out put himself on the line for a purpose he sees fit.

  2. This is a question of the vilna gaon –

    He seems to make a distinction between Shira (internal/infinite/accurate as description of the Torah) and Zimra (external/finite/innaccurate) – and that is why he was punnished with forgetting the Halacha of “BaKatef Yisau” and hence the punishment was that Uzzah died…

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