2 thoughts on “Berachos 4 – ברכות ד

  1. Dear Rabbi Kessler,

    In reference to Berachos 4b(1) top third of the amud. It says when a person comes from the field in the evening. He should learn a little then say Shema and the Amidah and then eat his evening meal.

    My question is: Is there an issue of eating supper before one prays Marriv today ?
    I can understand why this might not be a problem in the summer time. When it gets dark very late. Also, now we have electicity to light our homes so poeple go to bed much later than they did back then. In general, is there a problem if one eats his meal first and then prays ?

    Kol Tov

    • The concern is that he may forget to daven. Therefore, it would be permissible to have a meal prior to Maariv if he is accustomed to daven in Shul (as opposed to at home) and presumably he will maintain his schedule and go there to daven. Another option is to arrange for a reminder (a friend or set an alarm) to ensure that he remembers to daven.

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