Berachos 5 – ברכות ה

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2 thoughts on “Berachos 5 – ברכות ה

  1. Since the gemarah says that Torah shebiksav was given on Har sinai Why did Moshe Rabeinu wait until the last day of his life to write the Torah

  2. The Ramba”n (in his introduction to the Torah) cites a dispute in Gemara Gittin (60a) whether the Torah was written all at once (on Moshe Rabbeinu’s last day) or written in sections according to the events that took place in the desert. Either way it seems that although the entire Torah in its conceptual essence and spiritual realm was given to Moshe at Sinai, however it didn’t actually manifest itself into this physical world until the events (described in the Torah) were actualized down here on earth. Hence only after the event occurred on a physical level can that particular portion of Torah assume a material physical form as well i.e. via ink and parchment.

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