Yoma 21 – יומא כא

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2 thoughts on “Yoma 21 – יומא כא

  1. Hi Rabbi Kessler
    I hope you are well

    Just a couple of points on todays Daf 22b

    1 R Nihelai bshem Shmuel,that when a person is appointed over the Tzibir ,he becomes wealthy,brings proof ” Originilly Bozek then eventually Tuloim, shards then lambs”

    But the Gemorrah a few lines earlier rejected the meaning of Bozek (with a Maskif,Rav Ashi,ie strong Kashe) as meaning shards,rather a city,for which the Gemorra brings a proof?

    2 Regarding the the reckoning of sins of Shaul and Dovid, I am not too clear why Shaul was absolved completely over Nov.

    By contrast we find in Perek Chelek in Sanhedrin that Dovid was actually held accountable for Nob,and other things ,as it says Vuyishbi Bnov ,and Dovid was offered capture by his enemies or the discontinuance of his dynasty.
    He chose the former,and ended up being kidnapped by Golias brother,and was rescued by Avishai brother of Yoav.
    See the arichus there Daf 95.

    Interesting that this is not mentioned in our Gemorrah. perhaps because it was indirect.

    A freilichen Chanukah

    Kind regards

    Shaul cohen

    • Hi R’ Shaul,

      Thank you for your Ha’aros.

      1) That’s an interesting point.

      2) Your kashya regarding the onesh experienced by Dovid on account of Nov (which is omitted in our Gemara) I discussed with Rav Dovid Pam in the Kollel today, Your distinction (it was indirect) indeed seems very plausible; which puts it into a different category.

      Shaul actually suffered on account of Nov, his sons were killed to end the drought; the Gemara here is saying that it wasn’t the cause for the discontinuation of his Malchus (as it wasn’t a leadership blunder per-se as opposed to wavering at Amalek).

      A Freilichen Chanukah,


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