Shabbos 91 – שבת צא

Even if he would like to carry out all his content at once, why is that viewed as altering the significance of the objects involved – perhaps he is attempting to carry them all together simply for convenience sake?


One thought on “Shabbos 91 – שבת צא

  1. This is not a Braysa that we are trying to figure out its intention. This is a scenario painted in order to illustrate a point. Rashi spells out that he has in mind to only carry out everything together. That is the item that wants to carry out. It is not a matter of getting his utensils out. (For an example, think of some magic show where he will show how he balances all those items together. Any one of them aren’t worth anything to him.)

    Intuitively, you would say that it shouldn’t make a difference. That is the Kasha of Reb Yitzchak: why should the intention only create worthiness on a small item and not destroy it by a larger item.

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