Shabbos 73 – שבת עג

Why does the Mishna use the term ‘forty minus one’ and not simply thirty nine?

Why does the Mishna use the term ‘motzi mershus lershus’ which seems to include both ways of carrying (public domain/private domain) since carrying into reshus hayachid is merely a Tolada and our Mishna is apparently listing Avos?

One thought on “Shabbos 73 – שבת עג

  1. The idea of the Melacha is not getting something out. If that would be the point, then bringing something in would not be a Tolda. The Melacha is transfering the item to a new location. The Mishna is being precise.

    Besides, Tosafos in the beginning of this Masechta, and throughout, explains that Hotza’a is different and gets treated differently.

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