Shabbos 50 – שבת נ

Rava and Ravina teach us that when designated for hatmanah, even shearings of wool lose their Muktzah status and can be moved on Shabbos.  How does this concur with the opinion (of Rav) later on that a Muktzah object requires a ‘Maaseh’ (an act of enabling it for permissible use) in order to nullify its Muktzah status?

One thought on “Shabbos 50 – שבת נ

  1. Rav doesn’t hold that it needs the kind of Maase that is required by making something into a Keli to be Mekabel Tuma, as Tosafos pointed out on Daf 49b. The Maase that Rav requires is a strong Yichud. The Gemara says on bottom of this Amud that when there is nothing more to do physically to show its new purpose then merely designating it would suffice.

    I think it is safe to say that the shearings of wool wrapped into a box shouldn’t be worse off than a tied bundle of sticks.

    The straw laid out on a bed is also considered a Maase when he had in mind to use it for that purpose. That Mishna was talking about when it was put there not for that purpose, as Rashi points out. That’s why it is worse than being Meyached without a Maase.

    Rava’s Chidush here is that by putting the wool into the box you are redefining its function. Abaye, in the beginning of this Perek, who might be arguing with Rava (see Tosafos there), holds that you never gave up its original usage. In that case, even according to Shmuel it remains Muktza.

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