Shabbos 49 – שבת מט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Although Elishah wanted to be Moser Nefesh for the Mitzvah of Tefillin, why wasn’t it sufficient to wear them in private rather than risk his life by displaying them in public?  If indeed it was deemed necessary to do so, why was he allowed to remove them when confronted by the Roman officer?



3 thoughts on “Shabbos 49 – שבת מט

  1. Tosafos on Daf 130 actually does criticize the fact that he removed them when the soldier caught up with him.

    There is a concept of a Kiddush Hashem. We find that Mordechai Hatzadik didn’t bow to Haman and didn’t try to hide. On the contrary, we find that there were those who let Haman know about it because they wanted to see if what Mordechai said would stand, when he told them that he is a Jew and wouldn’t bow to Amalek.

    The Romans were trying to put down Judaism. They had no problem with people wearing any other headbands. They were out against Teffilin, just like all their other decrees. In such a case, someone who feels the fire of Torah burning within will go out to proclaim that Judaism is alive.

    Besides, keep in mind that he wore them all day. It is not a matter of going out to put them on outside.

    • It’s a machlokes (in the Braisa): According to R’ Yosi the Mishna is referring to hides of a craftsman too, according to The Tana Kama only of a Baal HaBayis.

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