Shabbos 31- שבת לא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara (on top of Amud Beis) describes Yiras Shamayim as the ‘gateway’ to Torah.  However, from Rav Yanai announcement (following the above Gemara) it would seem that Torah is considered the ‘gateway’ to Yiras Shamayim – is there a contradiction here?

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5 thoughts on “Shabbos 31- שבת לא

  1. Pilpalta bechachma: Have you delved into, studied deeply and analyzed the wisdom of Hashem?

    Hivanta davar mitoch davar: Have you to derived one lesson from another? For example, by taking a principle or idea found in one concept of Torah and applying that elsewhere. This is indicative of an even more advanced involvement in learning than the one mentioned above.

      • Good point. The answer is that the six questions are derived from and sourced in the passuk ‘vehaya emunas itecha etc.’ mentioned earlier, which contains the words ‘chochmas vadaas’ – and as we just learned – these words correspond to wisdom and understanding of Torah and parallel the Seder Kodshim and Seder Taharos. It would seem that both derashos (from this passuk) overlap and don’t disagree. Hence the term ‘pilpalta bachochma’ (corresponding to the word ‘chochmas’) and ‘hevanta davar..’ ( for the word ‘vodaas’).

  2. There is no contradiction because it is a different Mashal, from a different perspective. One is speaking about the his achievement and one is about his Torah.

    Learning Torah without Yiras Shamayim is skipping the first, and most important, step. Therefore, by skipping the first step, it never gets to the core and remains external. Likewise, we say that he never accessed the Torah that he learned

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