Shabbos 28 – שבת כח

There is a quote in the name of Rav Chaim Brisker that ‘miracle items’ are not suitable for use in the Mishkan/Beis Hamikdash since the Torah specifically requires natural occurring materials.  For example, ‘miracle- oil’ would not suitable for the Menorah since the Torah speaks of ‘Shemen Zayis’ and not ‘Shemen Neis’.  How was the Tachash used for the Mishkan if it was a result of a timely miraculous creation?

One thought on “Shabbos 28 – שבת כח

  1. The idea of saying Shemen Zayis and not Shemen Ness is that the Shemen Ness does not come from a Zayis, and therefore is in fact not Shemen of Zayis — even if it’s chemical makeup is the same. An animal that wasn’t born from another animal is still an animal.

    What would be interesting is that we cannot learn the Melachos of Shechita and Hafshata from the Tachash. Being that it wasn’t born from an animal, it should have the status of a Kina, which is Mutar to kill on Shabbos according to the Chachamim. We would learn them from the goat

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