Shabbos 22 – שבת כב

Rava says if he lit inside then brought it outside he is not yotzei, since the lighting needs to be done in the proper place.  We learned yesterday that in times of need they would light inside (as is done nowadays); if lighting inside is technically acceptable then why in this case is it not considered a proper lighting?

The Gemara quotes two pieces in the name of Rav Tanchum (Ner Chanukah above twenty, and the pit of Yosef); is there any connection between the two?

2 thoughts on “Shabbos 22 – שבת כב

  1. Reuvain tried to save yosef so he threw him in to a pit of snakes??? The answer to both questions is that he couldn’t see the snakes because it was deeper than 20 amos and as R Tanchum said the eye doesn’t grasp more then 20 amos.

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