Shabbos 19 – שבת יט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Bais Hillel allow sending a letter if there is sufficient time to reach the first house in the city, for we may rely on the possibility that the Postmaster is present there.  Why (when there is no Postmaster) do they prohibit sending the letter, on the concern that he may have to spend time looking for the recipient; why can’t we rely on the possibility that he will encounter the recipient immediately upon his arrival in the city?

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2 thoughts on “Shabbos 19 – שבת יט

  1. 1) In yesterdays daf we see that getting on a ship is asur on friday except for a dvar mitzvah. Why is it that people get on ships on Friday all the time? This years kosher cruise is leaving NYC on Friday?
    2) In yesterdays daf it seems that we pasken according to R’ Shimon with regards to Muktzeh. Yet we seem to hold like R’Yehuda . Why the discrepancy?

    • Generally, with today’s cruise voyages, the Gemara’s concerns do not apply.

      1) There is no seasickness

      2) If the cruise is operated by non-Jews (and embarks on a set schedule) the melachos are considered as being done for the non-Jews

      3) There is no issur of ‘shat’ (swimming etc.) on Shabbos if he entered the ship before Shabbos

      Actually we rule according to R’ Shimon’s shita of Muktza (who agrees with the concept of Muktza machmas mius, machmas chisaron kis – see Shabbos 157a) R’ Yehuda however maintains a broader application of Muktza in cases of mere designation (for non-Shabbos uses) to which we don’t subscribe.

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