Shabbos 150 – שבת קנ

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rashi explains that Havdalla is akin to escorting the king on his way out; which must precede involving oneself with his personal endeavors.  However, Rashi at the outset of the Gemara (D”H V’af al gav) explains this only in reference to doing melacha prior to Havdalla (cutting fruit); why would it not apply to any personal matter as well – like going to guard his fruit?


2 thoughts on “Shabbos 150 – שבת קנ

  1. Some say the reason is that till you make havdala there still is a partial kedusha of shabbos that’s why it makes a difference if it’s a melacha or not. [see MB]. Even though rashi dosen’t speak this out but he does not say the explanation posted either. All he says is that if you escorted him out a drop that’s enough [for what’s needed].

  2. Something that you may do on Shabbos is not neglecting the Kavod of Shabbos, who is being referred to as a king. If you do Melacha before appropriately acknowledging the difference between Shabbos and weekday it is akin to going on with your day while the king left town. It is as if it is one continuum.

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