Shabbos 149 – שבת קמט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

One may not read ‘Ksav tachas hatzurah’ for it may lead to reading of business documents (Rashi).  Is there something unique about this particular writing, or does this mean that any reading of words is assur on Shabbos?


2 thoughts on “Shabbos 149 – שבת קמט

  1. see Magen Avraham [shin alef] that for pleasure it’s permitted for oneg shabbos. the S”A harav argues that it’s nevertheless prohibited.

  2. The source pasuk connects these depictions to avodah zara, and Tosafot (DH udeokni) notes that for avodas gilulim even on chol this is assur but not if for beauty. Perhaps chazal were concerned that gazing at pictures or depictions had enough reyach of avodah zarah that once involved, an individual could be more likely to forget Shabbos altogether and perform an uvda de’chol

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