Shabbos 144 – שבת קמד

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 Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rav Nachman holds that if one squeezes anything, it attains the status of Mashke (a beverage); why don’t we say ‘Batla Da’ato’ (his abnormal custom is nullified in view of the common practice)?

Why is milk produced from a goat (which is Muktza) not considered Muktza?


4 thoughts on “Shabbos 144 – שבת קמד

  1. It seems from the gemora at this point that even after the rule of ‘batla Da’ato’ if you give it ‘chashivus’ then it’s choshuv it’s important.
    some rishonim learn that since the goat has use for after shabbos or for a goy or chole so it;s not muktza, some learn that it’s applied to yom tov where it’s not muktza

    • it seems that only rashi learns that one persons doing makes it a maska for him and the TAZ is choshesh for this chumra. while the other rishonim learn that it’s talking about a mahka which some people use. so we don’t say botla dato rather we say he’s from the few people which do drink it. So that’s why we don’t say botla dato according to most rishonim and thats hos MB paskens

  2. When we say Batla Daato it is to say that even though he purposely carried on his head, or did any Melach Shelo Kidarko, he is also aware that his way of carrying is unconventional. He therefore set out to do what isn’t a Melacha.

    We invoke Achshevei, sayying that to him it has value, when in his mind he is doing a regular task. This would usually apply to the target, or application, of a Melacha rather than the manner in which it is done.

    When squeezing the juice of fruits that usually aren’t juiced, we say that he is knowingly engaged in getting a non-drink liquid. Reb Nachman says to apply Achshevei since in the person’s mind he is considering it an actual drink.

  3. Muktza is not a Tuma that we should say Hayotze Metamei Tamei. Just like Metzappe helps for fruit on a tree it should help for milk of a goat. And, as for Nolad, a goat’s milk shouldn’t be worse than Tzoas Katan that Tosafos on 19b explained is Muchan through Metzappe.

    Also, I don’t recall applying the Halachos of Batul Beshishim to Muktza. There’s an Issur to move it but not necessarily does it have the status of a Davar Assur. Once it’s Balua in a Machal, would we really be Assur the whole Machal for Tiltul? It shouldn’t be worse than a Bassis Ledavar Ha’assur Vidavar Hamutar.

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