Shabbos 131 – שבת קלא

The Gemara asks how come the machshirin of Tzitzis and Mezuza don’t override Shabbos; why can’t we simply ask from the fact that a private korban cannot be brought on Shabbos – hence we see that even an actual Mitzva cannot override Shabbos?

4 thoughts on “Shabbos 131 – שבת קלא

  1. tosfos explain the question of the gemorah is based on the fact that we should learn tzitis and mezuza from sukka since they’re bothe by night and day. korbanos are not offered at night so from them the gemorah would’ve not asked let them override shabbos since from where would we derive that.

  2. A private Korban’s Zman is not on Shabbos so it does not come in. There never was a Hava Amina that Rebbi Eliezer allowed any and all Mitzvos to be done on Shabbos. (Bikurim, Reishis Hagez, Leket, Shikcha, Pe’ah)

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