Shabbos 13 – שבת יג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

According to Tosfos the sin of the student was only a derabanan.  If so why did Eliyahu Hanavi quote a pasuk as the source for his transgression?

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2 thoughts on “Shabbos 13 – שבת יג

  1. It seems rather harsh to a woman who has lost her husband and in pain to tell her that she was taken from her because of his sin. Is that a response of rachamim?

    • In ordinary circumstances certainly one is not allowed to relate to another’s suffering in this manner. It seems that this case was different since she was apparently looking to discover the true meaning behind her tragedy – and perhaps was pleased when she received clarity form Eliyahu Hanavi. This also reassured her that her husband was indeed a man of high Torah stature; and will receive his true reward in the World to come, since he already incurred atonement for this sin.
      There is also another angle here, since it was a matter of Chillul Hashem – when the woman went around challenging the eternal truth of Torah, and pointing to the Torah’s promise (of a long life) as inconsistent with reality. Eliyahu Hanavi felt compelled to set the record straight, thereby confirming the authenticity of the Torah’s eternal words…

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