One thought on “Shabbos 127 – שבת קכז

  1. Talmud Torah Keneged Kulam was said with regard to getting the fruits in this world, or perhaps even about the principal that lasts in Olam Haba. This statement about Gedola Hachnasas Orchim is about importance of doing it.

    There is an old rule that when there is a Mitzva that needs to be done, it comes before learning, if it can’t be done by another. This is said even though the S’char for learning is greater, since learning must be Al Menas La’asos. Therefore, it turns out that although the S’char for learning is greater than anything else, in practice it won’t always come before everything else.

    In our Mishna, we see that the Chachamim allowed Tircha for these two Mitzvos, Hachnasas Orchim and Torah learning. Talmud Torah is because of its greatness and general importance, and Hachnasas Orchim is because of its immediate importance.

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