Shabbos 111 – שבת קיא

Rashi explains the concept of ‘Kol yisroel  beni melchim’ to mean that we are not meant to differentiate between groups.  Rashi earlier (67a) explained that all of Yisroel are actually regarded as princes.   How do we resolve this apparent discrepancy in Rashi?

Rashi cites the tying of the ‘Yerios’ as the source for the melacha of Kosher, which seems a bit difficult in view of the fact that the Gemara (74b) seemed to have retracted from this as the source of Kosher.

2 thoughts on “Shabbos 111 – שבת קיא

  1. I don’t think Rashi means Rava’s Shita of Ho’il, mentioned earlier. Rashi is merely expressing that we don’t divide by class or rank.

  2. The Gemara had no problem learning Kosher from the Yerios. The problem was that we still wouldn’t know Mattir. That they tied thread by the Yerios is a fact. The reason Rashi points to the Yerios rather than the Machtzalos is to show what a Kesher Shel Kayama really means.

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