Shabbos 100 – שבת ק

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

According to Rav Huna we reckon the Karmelis only from the water’s surface, not from the riverbed below.  How does this align with the Gemara learned earlier that water does not negate a mechitza; how can the water here overtake the mechitza below it?


One thought on “Shabbos 100 – שבת ק

  1. Shalom U’beracha,

    On daf 99b, Rav Mordechai asked whether there is a chiyuv to throw on an amud of asara, since traveling via makom patur. Yet, on daf 100a, Rebbe Meir is m’chayiv if thrown above asara, and rests in a chur, since chok’kin l’hashlim. But even according to Rebbe Meir, maybe it is patur since it travelled via makom patur?

    In general, is it not a machlokes Chachamim and Rebbe Yehuda, daf 100b-101a, whether there is a chiyuv to throw between 2 rishuyos d’oraisa via makom patur (see first Tos’ on 101a)?

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