Pesachim 9 – פסחים ט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Mishnah cites the reason of ‘Ein ladavar sof’ as the basis for not-concern with Chametz being dragged around.  Why can’t we simply permit due to the fact that it is a double safek: 1) he may not have dragged 2) he may have already consumed the Chametz which he delivered?

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One thought on “Pesachim 9 – פסחים ט

  1. While we can answer that Bedikas Chametz is more Chamur, this would be problematic in our Sugya. The Gemara is trying to figure out why by Chametz, when he notices a mouse bringing in Chametz he can’t rely on the mouse eating it and by a Nefel we do rely on that. Why couldn’t the Gemara simply answer that Chametz is more Chamur?

    But the Rema mentions in regards to Safek Matza Safek Chametz, that Sfek Sfeka doesn’t necessarily apply when both Sfekos are in one context. There is one question to be asked, which is, if there is Chametz here. We are breaking up the story to make two Sfekos out of it. However, the Beis Yosef seems to disagree, and calls that case a Sfek Sfeka. The Beis Yosef quotes the Magid Mishna that we are Machmir in Bedikas Chametz even for a Sfek Sfeka.

    To answer the question of why our Sugya doesn’t fall back on this concept, this is because it is not a blanket rule to be Machmir for Bedikas Chametz. On the contrary, we are Meikel and even Rebbe Meir agrees that checking and not finding is enough. However, Bedikas Chametz is about checking for the possibility of Chametz left there by the Shamesh who entered during a meal. Any place that is not Bechezkas Baduk is Mechuyav Bedika. Just like we were Mesaken to check for the servant’s dropped Chametz we could have been Mesaken to check for the remains of what an animal might have brought in. Since this latter Chashash can’t be appropriately addressed we let it go.

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