Pesachim 6 – פסחים ו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

The Gemara brings a proof from here that a rental is considered a Kinyan.  Why would we need Kinyan, since we are speaking where the Yisrael did not accept responsibility for the Chametz?

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One thought on “Pesachim 6 – פסחים ו

  1. This is Tosafos’ Kasha on Rashi who learns that he wasn’t Mekabel Achrayos. Rabbeinu Tam therefore learns that we are talking about even when e was Mekabel Achrayos, and that Yichad Lo Bayis helps even in such a case since it is as if he is watching the Chametz in the Goy’s house.

    If we want to understand Rashi we can say that Rashi learns the opposite of Rabbeinu Tam. Where Rabbeinu Tam used Yichad Lo Bayis as a Kula even for Mekabel Achrayos, Rashi saw Yichad Lo Bayis as a concern even by Lo Kibel Achrayos. It is one thing when the Goy comes in and you don’t have to send him out, but inviting him to leave his Chametz with you requires another Limud to tell us that it is fine and is not seen as an invitation to, and sort of an an acceptance of, the Chametz.

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