Pesachim 5 – פסחים ה

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

One may not accept a Chametz-deposit from a Goy, even if the Goy doesn’t reside in the same Chatzer as you.  Since we are speaking where the Chametz is actually in your home (as the passuk indicates) why is the Goy’s place of residence of any relevance?

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One thought on “Pesachim 5 – פסחים ה

  1. The Gemara says that this Kabolas Achrayos is actually a Chiddush in that it is considered yours even though you will return the object. What the Pasuk is teaching us here is the Issur of Rotze Bekiyumo, that although it is not yours you want the Chametz here and therefore have some relationship with it. This Chiddush could have been only taken to the extent that you personally care about it going back, not just that you will have to pay for it. A neighbor or someone you are responsible for, you have feelings for them and are interested that they get their Chametz back.

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