Pesachim 11 – פסחים יא

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rebbi Meir seems less concerned about possible confusion and miscalculation than Rebbi Yehuda.  How is this compatable with Rebbi Meir’s view elsewhere that we are meant to be concerned even with a Mi’ut (remote possibility)?

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One thought on “Pesachim 11 – פסחים יא

  1. Rebbe Meir does hold that we don’t dismiss a minority, but the discussion here is if this is a foreseeable enough error to make Gezeiros about. Rebbe Yehuda cares about the reflexes, if we would naturally recoil then there is no Gezeira and otherwise, there is a Gezeira. Rebbe Meir looks at the possibility of confusion.

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