Eruvin 96 – עירובין צו

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

In what way does Shabbos provide ‘Os’ (and is therefore exempt from Tefillin) more than the fulfillment of any other Mitzvos such as Talmud Torah etc.?

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One thought on “Eruvin 96 – עירובין צו

  1. Adam La’amal Yulad, a person is all about his accomplishments. When we don’t work it is a proclamation with our whole being that we belong to Hashem and we give up everything to Him.

    It says that Shabbos is an Eidus on Yisroel and Yisroel is an Eidus on Hakadosh Baruch Hu. This Eidus is an Os.

    (This Eidus can also be explained in a practical manner. I once read up in the encyclopedia what it had to say about our Yomim Tovim. Being that they couldn’t admit Torah Min Shamayim they felt obliged to find a “Mekor” for every Yom Tov. They found some pagan harvest related celebration to parallel every Yom Tov. When it came to Shabbos, they wrote that they don’t know where the Torah got it from. So, Shabbos is an Eid on Yisroel, that we aren’t an evolved later version, or bad copy of some other man-made religion.)

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