Eruvin 94 – עירובין צד

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

According to the second Terutz, when the Rabim walk on the spot where the Mechitza clearly stood, it is considered Reshus Harabim (according to Rebbi Eliezer) – How can private property turn into a R”H?

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One thought on “Eruvin 94 – עירובין צד

  1. We learn in Bava Kamma that you can’t take away a path of the Rabim even when it is in your Reshus. Also, if the Halacha is no like the girl in the story of Rebbe Yehoshua Ben Karcha, then we don’t say כבר כבשוה גנבים כמותך, and the Rabim has rightful access.

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