Eruvin 89 – עירובין פט

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

Rashi (D”H Vachachamim) mentions that according to Rebbi Shimon the only purpose of Eruv Chatzeros (between two yards) is to allow transfer of household goods.  Is this not true according to the Chachamim as well?

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3 thoughts on “Eruvin 89 – עירובין פט

  1. Good point. I think that Rebbe Shimon holds the same for a Chatzer of a Yachid, whereas the Chachamim would be Gozer there as they are by Irvu.

    • Yaakov,

      Everyone is asking this question these days…true, although a roof requires a maakeh (unless it’s over a Shul etc.) it seems we are dwelling only on the Hilchos Shabos aspect here.

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