Eruvin 83 – עירובין פג

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Today’s Daf Yomi Question:

When calculating the egg-volume for the halacha of Tuma we don’t apply any adjustments based on fluctuating egg sizes – why?

A healthy person is meant to consume 43.2 egg-volumes per day.  How does this align with the Mishna that two meals (i.e. a day’s worth) is merely six egg-worth?

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3 thoughts on “Eruvin 83 – עירובין פג

  1. A Shiur Seuda is the minimum amount to called a Seuda, much like a Kezayis is the minimum amount to be called eaten.

    • Actually it seems like we aren’t necessarily referring to bread here. The amount of bread for a Seuda is 4 eggs, but the normal food consumption for a day is 7⅕ egg sizes.

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